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To gain employment through the Local, your name and current phone number must be on the Out of Work list. 

Going to Work:  Work orders are filled from the names listed on the Out-of-Work list, beginning at the top and working down the list.  Call (206) 900-7822, Speak clearly, giving your name, current phone number and status (Cement Masons or Plasterer…Journeyman or Apprentice), to place your name on the Out-Of-Work list online see the button above.

Unemployment :Local 528 is recognized by the Washington State Employment Security Department as a full-referral hiring union.  Membership in this union generally meets the work search requirements for eligibility of unemployment benefits.  Verification from the Union that a member is eligible for dispatch under Union rules is required. Failure to be available for, or refusal of a dispatch, can result in questions of eligibility for unemployment benefits.

You must be ready, able and willing to immediately accept any suitable work offer, be in good standing with the Union and do whatever the Union requires to be referred to work.

Dispatch Rules

Dispatch Rules

1.    Journeyman Cement Masons are not allowed to solicit work.  If you are seeking employment you must first put your name on the Out-of-Work list.

2.    If you do not answer your phone on two successive occasions when you are called for dispatch, whether or not we leave a message, your name will be removed from the Out of Work list. The dispatcher does not leave messages.

3.    If you refuse a dispatch, your name will immediately go to the bottom of the hiring list and you shall be denied the right of immediate dispatch.

4.    Your name will be dropped from the list for failure to check in within 9 days of placing your name on the list. (Checking in once a week is a lot easier to remember - every Monday or Friday, for example.)

5.    Always carry proper identification to work - your valid Social Security card and your valid Washington State driver's license or ID or passport.

6.    Be ready to be dispatched to work. Dispatch starts at 4:00 am. Have a pen and paper by your phone and be ready to take the dispatch. 

7.    Buy a Thomas Guide for all three counties - Pierce, King and Snohomish. It can save you time and money, and most importantly, get you to work on time. You can buy them at Costco, Office Max, etc.

8.    Most jobs require a Clean Card or drug test. It is to your benefit to get a Clean Card and be able to test clean at all times.

9.    These referral and hiring provisions have been entered into to comply with the National Labor Relations Act as amended and all the parties concerned shall cooperate with each other to comply with the requirement of the act.

10.   A member will be fined $50.00 for every “NO CALL - NO SHOW”, per dispatch rules. (Est. 10/3/2017)

Only the following exceptions are made, per the guidelines of the contract:

  • A Cement Mason may be requested by a Cement Mason employer, regardless of their place on the Out of Work list, if they have worked for that contractor within the previous two years. That does not mean you can call them for work.

  • A Plastering Contractor may request a Plasterer member by name so long as the member is on the out of work list.

  • A company may hire a Foreman regardless of their place on the list or whether or not they have previously worked for them. That employee must be paid at foreman scale for his/her tenure with the company.

  • If a contractor requires a particular skill (e.g. machine man, step person, epoxy floor person, injection person, etc.), the dispatcher may go down the list until he finds the first member who has that skill or certification.