Industry leading wages

Plasterer Journeyman 

$39.20 an hour on pay check 

$17.34 an hour in benefits 

$56.54 Total Package

Cement Mason Journeyman 

$42.63 an hour on pay check 

$17.44 an hour in benefits 

$60.57 Total Package

How To Join 

testing / entry program

Experienced Cement Masons and  Plasterers wishing to join Local 528 can enter through our testing program. You must be legally able to work in the U.S.  Valid picture identification and valid social security card are necessary at the time of application.

The "test" is performing the work required by a contractor who has requested help for the day.

Testers are dispatched as work is available and are allowed to work for a specific contractor. The foreman/superintendent on the job will submit an evaluation to the union, indicating the testers skill level.  Testers are sent out to contractors in an effort to fairly judge the ability of the individual.

Cement Masons must test at a minimum level of 80% to enter the union directly.  Those who do not test out at the minimum level should contact the Apprenticeship office at (206) 762-9286 for information on their next "Survival Day" testing and selection procedure.

Plasterers must test at a minimum of Journey-level to enter the union immediately.  Those who do not test out at Journey-level can contact the Apprenticeship office at (206) 762-9286 for information on how to join.

Those lacking the necessary skills to enter through the testing program, please go to the apprenticeship section of the website.

Fill out the form below to get started 

Then give us a call! 206.441.9386

Do you have experience? Want to go straight to work? Then fill out the TESTER FORM PDF and email to JPALACHUK@OPCMIALOCAL528.ORG - Make sure to check out the TOOL LIST

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