A message to new members

Most of us will spend a quarter of our lives pursuing a livelihood. It is our intention as a labor union to make that experience as gratifying and as prosperous as possible.

We hope that this Union Membership will help all members improve their ability to stay gainfully employed. Staff of the OPCMIA Local 528 are determined to improve our ability to further advance our union’s strength in the industry, for we know that to improve our lives at work and at home we must build a unified, strong and enduring trades worker union. A strong growing union will secure for us safer family wage jobs with better conditions. Our union will help us, as craftsman in a demanding industry, promote the pride and dignity that we, The Skilled Builders of America, attain from our trade!

We and the other thousands of Brothers and Sisters in the Operative Plasters’ and Cement Masons’ International Association are determined to move our trade forward. We welcome and encourage you to join in our efforts.

Let there be no doubt in any members mind that the Local Union is only as strong as it’s membership. We must all stand together as brothers and sisters, united in our common goals.

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Office Locations

Union Hall: 6362 - 6th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 441-9386

Hours: 7-4 Mon-Thur - Fri 7-3:30


Apprenticeship/Training Facilities:

Cement Masons

6737 Corson Ave. S.

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 762-9286


3000 NE 4th St., Bldg. E

Renton, WA 98056

(425) 235-7879

Dispatch process

Call our Dispatcher between 4:30am -8am 206-900-7822, Every day your not working, if you want to go to work.

Membership Meetings

Local 528 members meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at our Union Hall 6362 6th ave. S, in seattle to conduct the business of the local. Business includes election of officers, voting on motions made by members, receiving communications and the reading of our financial statement as well as other pertinent business.

The Executive Board meets the first Tuesday of the month, at 5:30PM, prior to the Union meeting

We hope to see you at the Union meetings and at Union sponsored or endorsed events!